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As the web grows, I'm amazed at how many links to my life I can find. From where I work to where I live, to the many places I've vacationed.

The shot to the right was taken last September in Vermont .

One of Johanna's roommates from Clark was getting married and we were invited to the wedding. At first I didn't want to go because I was too cheap to spend the money, but having never been to Vermont before, I went along.

Johanna in VermontWe stayed at the Grey Bonnet Inn. The photo above was taken on the grounds, and the one to the right is in front. I don't have any photos of the actual inn, but take my word for it - it's worth a stay. The rooms were nice, the food great, and the grounds wonderful. I have a few other photos of the surrounding countryside which I can email you if you want.

One thing that gets in our way when we vacation is that neither of us drive. We grew up in New York and though you might find this hard to believe, most of our friends don't drive either. When we went up to Vermont we were met at the train station by the bride and groom, who were nice enough to pick us up.

All in all, we had a great time and had a chance to meet people we hadn't seen in a while. We even ducked out of the reception and got to see "Time Cop" :-)


You know, this reminds me. Oftentimes, you're really close with a group of people, and then circumstances, such as work or responsibilities, divert your time, and though you might love those people as much as always, little by little you spend less and less time with them. Sometimes its quite abrupt. Often it happens slowly.

When I was in college, I used to hang out with a guy named Mike Kerrigan. Mike and I were buddies until the end, We spent a lot of time together, both in school and out. And then graduation came and slowly we drifted apart. Now, I see Mike maybe one every two years, and only when a mutual friend of ours, Yvonne, comes to town.

Yvonne lives in Michigan, though she grew up alternating between the Dominican Republic and New York. Somewhere along the line, she meet a guy, fell in love and is now quite happy out there. I've drifted away from her. I used to spent a lot of time with her too. There were four of us - Yvonne Livingstone, Melody Hamilton, Mike and I. Its sad. People come in and out of your life and you wish it wasn't like that. When you have a friend you love, its sad to drift apart just because life takes us in different directions. Yvonne still stays in touch. She's been a real good friend, writing and stuff. I, on the other hand haven't lived up to my half. Funny how I find myself writing about her now, rather than writing to her.

I have a lot to say in the next few chapters - all on one topic - and I don't see myself finishing this for a while. I'll try to update it regularly but due to the nature of this web site, I only write in it as the mood hits me.

Please take a moment to email me your comments and thoughts or fill out my form. Thanks!

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